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smart workplace & compliance solutions

Legally compliant right from the start

Easily comply with legal requirements even as a small business and master new requirements as your company grows:

  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Data Protection
  • Quality Management in specific industries, such as medical, …

The only training platform to keep also your complete training documentation in one place

You can do your online training whenever and wherever you want – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tired of having your training records in different places? Store external training and courses within qoom academy!

Upload training certificates and store mandatory annual training for equipment such as medical devices, …

qoom Starter Package

Ideal for small companies, such as startups, doctors’ practise, agencies, …

Starts at 49.- € (excl.VAT)

Your One-Stop Solution for Your Complete Compliance Documentation

Comply with regulatory frameworks & standards

  • ISO Standards, e.g. ISO 9001 or ISO 27001, …
  • EU Supply Chain Act
  • EU Whistleblowing Directive
  • Sustainability, ESG,CSR, e.g.
    • UN 17 SDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)
    • GRI (Global Reporting Initative)
    • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

qoomunity hub features


Easily create various manuals, like health & safety (EU-OSHA, OSHA), hygiene, data protection (GDPR, CCPA) or quality management manuals such as ISO 9001 or ISO 27001.

Create and manage procedures, policies or work instructions.

We support multiple formats including Word, Excel, PDF and our own diagramming tool for creating workflow or organisational charts.

Then link these documents to more than one manual, eliminating duplication of effort and conflicting content from different versions.

In certain industries, taking notes during meetings is mandatory.

qoom applications allows our customers to document meetings and assign to-dos/tasks to users and groups.

Easily perform regular checks, such as daily temperature checks or regular instrument calibration.

Create your form-based checklists and store the information in an audit-ready format.

Alternatively, create or upload a Word or Excel file as your checklist and store the information in our audit-ready module.

Record your employees’ attendance at regular training courses.

Create a training log, send email invitations to your employees and have them register their attendance. Check who attended and who did not.

Define automated workflows for annual/periodic training and let our module do the rest.

Employee Handbook – A great way to communicate your company culture

Why not include your key policies, guidelines, company benefits and other important information in an employee handbook? qoom applications makes it easy.

Case Management

Incidents will occur in any organisation, and transparency is always the best response.

Document the incident, define tasks to resolve the current situation and finally document your final solution to the problem in a central location.

Our tool supports your preferred improvement processes such as CAPA, PDCA, etc.

Handle and document complaints professionally.

Assign tasks and, for example, revise work instructions or train your staff.

Employee accidents, in particular, are confidential documentation that should also be protected in accordance with data protection regulations.

The current practice of documenting incidents in a paper first aid book is outdated and insecure.

Use our digital solution for legally compliant documentation.

Task Management

Create tasks and assign them to users or user groups based on ownership.

Link records such as documents, checklists, assets or training to a task.

Integrated workflows automatically set tasks for users to attest to documents, remind them of training, review datasets and more.

Manage small projects in task lists, such as an induction process for a new colleague.

You can define different sections within tasks to add structure to your to-do list, such as the tasks before a new colleague starts, the first day and the following weeks.

Assign tasks directly to responsible users or departments, eliminating the need for traditional routing slips.

Asset Management

List all relevant assets within the Qoom applications, especially those that are important for your regulatory documentation. This starts with your computer hardware through to the boiler and production equipment/machinery.

Create an overview of the consumables required for your regulatory documentation and attach documents such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) or Operating and Work Instructions (OWIs).

In many countries, the documentation of maintenance, calibration, training and incidents in equipment logs is mandatory.

Link your equipment with our training documentation, create automated reminders for maintenance and store incidents to stay compliant.

User Manuals, Safety Data Sheets, …

Store user manuals, EC declarations of conformity or safety data sheets for your equipment and consumables in one place. Keep everything together and up to date with qoom applications.

Views & Dashboard

Give your users a quick overview of their open tasks, document attestations or open training.

Each module has user-specific views, also depending on the user’s role.

Bring your documentation to life in your day-to-day business.

Instead of searching through manuals or modules for documentation, work instructions, checklists or user guides, add this content to specific workspace views, e.g. Inside Sales or Human Resources, depending on the structure of your company.

Create specific views for topics such as Covid-19, payroll documentation, …

Get a quick and clear overview on the health of your documentation and the status of your regulatory requirements or management systems.

Are all documents up to date? Have all employees completed their training? How many incidents have there been this year? …

Drill down on your data, just like in traditional BI dashboards.

Why your team and auditor will love our workspace views

Manuals are great as a central repository, but in most cases your staff won’t be looking in them for work instructions, guidelines or policies.

Workspace View gives your teams access to content that is only relevant to their particular workspace. Their documentation is integrated into their daily work and is easily accessible.

Auditors assess in workspaces how workflows are documented and integrated into their daily work. qoom Workspace Views help auditors quickly check implementation while letting your employees shine.

qoom Starter Package

Ideal for small companies, such as startups, doctors’ practise, agencies, …

Starts at 49.- € (excl.VAT)

qoom academy - features

Online Training

Why not offer your staff interactive online training in areas such as data protection, health and safety and hygiene?

The training is state of the art and includes videos, quizzes and other interactive features to make even dry topics fun for your colleagues.

Courses are currently only available for Germany and the healthcare industry.

Training Documentation

Record your employees’ attendance at regular training courses, such as annual data protection and health and safety training, or regular internal training courses, such as on the use of medical devices or production equipment.

Create a training log, send email invitations to your employees and have them register their attendance. Check who attended and who did not.

Define automated workflows for annual/periodic training and let our module do the rest.

What we can do for you!

Talk to us if you want to integrate your current training provider with our academy and we will get in touch with them to find out how we can integrate their content into our application.

Better Workplace

A well-organised and safe workplace is the backbone of a sustainabe business.

Better People

A better workplace creates informed employees who are engaged and committed to their work.

Better Business

A good working environment with skilled, loyal colleagues is the recipe for a successful business now and in the future.
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