qoom business

Workplace & Compliance management made easy

qoom business supports you in

  • health and safety at work

  • data protection

  • hygiene and

  • all other legal regulations concerning your business.

Less Administration

We can’t promise to take the administrative work out of your hands, but we can help you minimise the effort and get the most out of it.

Structured Workflows

Structured, documented workflows improve your daily work and that of your team: Everyone knows what to do.

Important Information at Hand

Don’t document for the file, but make sure your information is easily accessible to your team.

More time for your business

Have more time for your business, your family, your staff.

Satisfied Employees

Less to manage, a better place to work and clearly defined roles are the basis for employee satisfaction.

Stable Business Operations

Stable operation takes the stress out of your day-to-day work and keeps you compliant.

qoom Business Starter Package

Start your documentation for your business or startup

Starts at 49.- € (excl.VAT)

Basic Modules

Meet the basic legal requirements for your businesses

  • Manuals & Documents: Document your health and safety, privacy and data security – all in one place
  • 1st Aid Log: Document all work accidents
  • Training Documentation: Document your regular mandatory training, instruction, education and development centrally.
  • Workspace & Topics Views: Where and when you need it, your information is at your fingertips.
  • Multi-user Login: For shared computers, you can have read-only team workspace views.
  • Hazardous substances list: Document all your hazardous materials, such as detergents, disinfectants or other cleaning reagents.

Other key functions that simplify your day-to-day work

Your Integrated Management System

As your business grows, so do the demands on your organisation.
Be they further regulatory requirements or voluntary standards that you need or want to meet in order to continue to run your business successfully.
With qoom you can easily document future requirements and avoid duplication of effort.

Comply with

  • Many organisations want to standardise their internal processes to bring transparency to their business.
    Whether it is to improve quality, IT security or to establish environmental and sustainability management in the company.
    With qoom you benefit from existing knowledge, link processes from other documentation to ISO Standards and identify missing documents more quickly.

  • The new EU Whistleblowing Directive requires various institutions to set up an internal reporting channel. By the end of 2023, organisations with more than 50 employees will also have to implement a secure whistleblowing channel.

    To empower your employees to report a potential breach, you need to provide easy access to your documentation, such as health and safety, privacy and data security policies, as well as other key policies such as the ethics policy.

    With qoom, you can provide your employees with the information they need quickly and easily. Combined with a digital whistleblower or hotline system, you have a simple, automated compliance workflow.

    qoom is a partner of the German Compliance Complete Alliance.

  • Organisations in Germany must monitor and respond to violations both in their own operations and in those of their direct suppliers, regardless of whether the activity takes place domestically or abroad. The Act applies to companies with a domestic workforce of 3,000 (from 1.1.2023) or 1,000 employees (from 1.1.2024) within Germany.

    If an organisation becomes aware of a possible violation of environmental standards or human rights by one of its indirect suppliers, it must immediately conduct a risk analysis of the possible violations and take action and meaningful remediation.

    Similar laws have been implemented in other countries, like the UK Modern Slavery Act, Norway’s Transparency Act or California’s Transparency Act on Supply Chains.

    With qoom applications, it is easy for you to document your policies and meaningful remedies, as well as complaints.

  • If you meet a sustainability standard, are planning to introduce a sustainability standard, or want to document your efforts towards the UN SDGs, it’s particularly easy to create a document with qoom from existing legal requirements, such as occupational health and safety.

Better Workplace

A well-organised and safe workplace is the backbone of a sustainabe business.

Better People

A better workplace creates informed employees who are engaged and committed to their work.

Better Business

A good working environment with skilled, loyal colleagues is the recipe for a successful business now and in the future.
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