Integrated Modules for Quality Management, Occupational Health & Data Security

Managing your legal requirements of your business easily

Starting with your first employee, you have to fulfill various legal requirements, from workplace health & security to hygiene and data protection regulations (GDPR, CCPA).

Some industries, such as the health industry, have to fulfill additional regulations, such as the introduction of quality management systems (QMS). In many countries, such QMS are no longer optional but mandatory in order to guarantee patients the highest possible quality and safety.

qoom applications’ integrative approach

We help companies and institutions to easily manage and store this documentation at a central location and thus easily comply with your regulations as an employer.

All documentation has integrated automated review workflows and is designed to be audit-proof.



Generate different manuals, like Occupational Health (EU-OSHA, OSHA), Hygiene, Data Privacy, or Quality Management Manuals, such as ISO 9001 or ISO 27001 easily.



Generate with our Word-like editor or upload your prepared Word file operating procedures, guidelines or other resources.

Combine these documents with more than one manual and avoid duplicate, contradictory content due to different versions.


Document easily checks on a regular basis, like daily temperature controls or regular calibration of instruments.

Build your on form-based checklists and store the information audit-ready.

Alternatively upload a Word file as your checklist and store the information also audit-ready on our tool.

Case Management

Incidents & Complaints

Incidents and complaints will occur in any organization, and transparency is always the best response in such situations.

Document the incident, determine tasks to solve the current situation and finally document your final solution to the problem at a central location.

Our tool supports your preferred improvement processes, such as CAPA, PDCA, etc.

Training Records

Start by recording the regular participation in compulsory training courses for your employees, such as the annual data protection and occupational health training. In many industries, there are other mandatory training courses that must be documented, such as instruction in the handling of medical or production equipment.

Create a training protocol, send e-mail invitations to your employees and have your employees record attendance. Check who has attended and who is still outstanding.

Define automated workflows for annual/periodic training and let our module do the rest.

Asset Management

List all relevant assets within qoom applications, especially those that are important for your regulatory documentation. This starts with the computer hardware, over the kettle up to production devices/machines.

Electrical Appliance Testing

In many countries, regular, periodic testing of electrical equipment is a mandatory part of occupational health. By defining test cycles, we help you to remember these dates and ensure compliance with the regulations, but also to protect your employees.

Instruction Manuals & Safety Data sheets

Store instruction manuals or safety data sheets for your assets and consumables at one place. Keep everyhting together and up to date with qoom applications.

Audit Trail

All data will be stored ready for auditing.

This means that each version of your documentation will be archived to fulfill your data retention obligation.

Automated Workflows

Setup automated reminders for attestation of documents, trainings and checklists.

Synchronize tasks, reminders with your Email calendar.