"Quality is in its essence a way of managing the organization."
Armand Feigenbaum, 1951

The motivation behind qoom applications

We are driving digital transformation on quality management, workplace health & security, plus data privacy 

After almost 70 years Armand Feigenbaums’ saying on total quality management is more up to date than ever.

Quality isn’t just focused on the production of goods or services, but impacts your entire organization, from customer experience down to organizational regulations, like occupational health of your employees or data privacy of your clients.

qoom applications makes it easy to digitize your quality management systems and comply with organizational  regulations.


All what you need for an effective QM and office management system: manuals, documents, checklists, cases, tasks, training, attestation, automated workflows, and much more.


Everything is only 2 clicks away and accessible from any device: pc, tablet, smartphone.
Just upload a Word document into the system. Edit and save your Word file within qoom.


All relevant data can be audit-ready saved and archived.
Your data is saved with a web-application firewall and hosted on a Microsoft Azure.

Your QM systems and regulatory documentation at one place

We understand that today most topics are connected and so is quality management.

No matter what you need to manage, you can do it with qoom applications:

  • quality management (ISO 9001, ISO27001)
  • data privacy (GDPR, CCPA)
  • occupational health (OSHA, EU-OSHA, …)
  • hygiene (HACCP, BRC, …)

Connect a document with multiple topics, making it easy for your to keep data consistency across different systems.

Quality Management is

“Quality is the language that translates the voice of the customer into long-term organizational performance”

Bharat Wakhlu

Dedicated solutions for different markets

We strongly believe that one solution doesn’t fit all markets. For that reason we will expand our solutions with additional features, but also optimized for different markets.
Currently we have started with one of the most challenging markets to serve, the health care market.

We are proud to introduce

Learn more at qoom-medical.com